Barn Style Tiny Houses

Barn Style Tiny Houses

Love the look and feel of a barndominium, but wanting something with a smaller footprint? You might consider a barn style tiny house.

In this post, we will share a couple of examples with you of beautiful barn tiny homes. But first, let’s define this style and its benefits.

What is a Barn Style Tiny House?

The term “barn style tiny house” does not refer to a formal architectural style. It loosely refers to any tiny house that is built in some way to roughly resemble a barn or barndominium.

In a lot of cases, this means a home with a gambrel roof. But not all barns have this roof shape, and not all barn tiny houses do either.

Many barn style tiny houses have rustic influences, just as many barndominiums do. But just as barndos can be modern in their aesthetics, the same is true for barn tiny houses as well. Indeed, many barn style homes combine modern and rustic elements.

Why Build a Barn Tiny House?

Here are a few reasons to choose a barn style for your tiny house:

  • Classic Americana. If you want to capture the spirit of Americana in a tiny house, it is hard to beat a barn style home.
  • Versatile style. You can personalize the barn style endlessly, choosing materials, roof types, configurations and finishing that fits your aesthetic.
  • Pleasing layouts. Many barn style tiny houses have open floor plans, as is the case with full-size barndos. But you can also find floor plans that offer more seclusion and separation between the rooms in the home.

Barn Tiny Home Examples

Now that we have gone over barn style basics, we can take a look at some beautiful barn tiny houses for inspiration.

Barnam Home by Everywhere Shelter Company

barnam tiny home plan
Barnam Plan by Everywhere

First up, we have a fairly traditional-looking barn house called the “Barnam” by Everywhere Shelter Company.

This house actually is somewhere between a strictly-defined “tiny” house and a full-size home, measuring 859 square feet. This square footage comfortably houses 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The exterior of the home is clad in stunning board and batten wood siding, creating textural interest. With its gable roof, the overall look and feel of the home is traditional, with a hint of modern minimalism to balance out the rustic elements.

One of the standout features is the roomy sheltered porch at the front end of the home. There is plenty of space here to set up some comfortable seats so you can relax and make the most of your outdoor space.

The patio doors lead to you to the laundry and bathroom, both of which include some space for storage. Beyond is the wide open living room and kitchen. At the back end of the house, you will find the second bathroom along with the pair of bedrooms.

The modern elements of the design are even more pronounced inside the home. A neutral color scheme, clean lines, and a delightfully compact kitchen await you. There is also a wood-burning fireplace, and a nook built right into the wall for storing firewood (the effect is at once practical and pleasing to the eye). The exposed beams of the cathedral ceiling offer further architectural interest while retaining an air of simplicity.

Best For:

We recommend this tiny barn house model if you are in search of the perfect union between modern and rustic. It also strikes a great balance with respect to size, being neither too large nor too small.

Since there are two bedrooms and the layout provides a nice combination of open living spaces and privacy, a family could live comfortably in this home.

Hutch Home by Everywhere Shelter Company

Hutch Plan by Everywhere

At 263 square feet, the Hutch Home by Everywhere Shelter Company fits well within the traditional definitions of a “tiny house.” It is a single-bedroom, single-bathroom home featuring a design with a flat roof. In fact, a ladder built right into the side of the home leads you to the top so you can utilize the roof as additional living space.

This house is not as traditionally barn-like in appearance as the Barnam, but you can see some similar design features, including the same board and batten wood cladding.

The most impressive thing about this design is the clever floor plan, which does an amazing job packing in a lot of features while maintaining an open look and feel.

You will notice the bed is located right at the front of the home, and is surrounded by huge glass windows. You can actually open the front windows wide, seamlessly connecting indoors with outdoors. Since the windows raise upward, they form a temporary awning while they are open. Venturing into the hall, a small kitchen is on your left, even with the bed. A partition separates the cooking and sleeping spaces.  

Continuing toward the back, a laundry area is located on your right. In the very back of the house, you will find a bathroom on your right, and storage and an office desk on your left.

This is an excellent feature, as lots of tiny house designers in the past did not give much thought to where a person could work in their home. That is something that may be changing as more and more people get used to working from home.

Best For:

If you want a tiny barn house that is truly tiny, this compact home will delight you with its sophisticated modern layout. This floor plan would likely be most comfortable for one person living by themselves, or maybe two.

The Everywhere Shelter Company Process

Wondering how things work if you decide to order plans for the Hutch or the Barnam? These are not tiny house kits—you do not build them yourself. But this manufacturer works hard to make the purchase and construction process as simple and straightforward as possible.

On this page, you can read in-depth about how the process works. They even provide an interactive checklist you can use when you create an account that walks you through the steps (i.e. buying your starter plans, choosing a lot, and so on).

Since the design team is fully in-house, you can work with them to customize these plans to your needs. Once your plans are ready, you will work with a builder that signs a license agreement with Everywhere Shelter Company.

Ready To Build Your Own Barn Tiny House?

We hope you enjoyed checking out these barn tiny houses and learning more about this versatile style.

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