Ayfraym A-frame Tiny House from Everywhereco

ayfraym cabin kit
To order your Ayfarym Tiny House kit visit https://everywhereco.com/ayfraym-tiny/

Everywhereco was founded by Brand Winnie in 2017. After taking a 6-month journey across the southwest in a travel camper with his wife and three kids, Brand came home to start Everywhereco. Along with a turnkey house on wheels, Everywhereco offers other home plans that are affordable and allow people to live out their dreams of traveling.

The company does more than just sell plans. Their platform also makes it easy to plan your build and work through the process step by step. In addition, they offer other services, including finding suitable land, customizing floor plans and more.

Ayfraym A Frame Houses from Everywhereco

Among all of the house plans offered by Everywhereco, the Ayfraym is one of the most popular.

Ayfraym Tiny

The Ayfraym Tiny house is a modern Aframe cabin design. This Tiny variation of a classic home style has just one bedroom and one bathroom. While it’s called a “tiny” home, it’s still quite a bit larger than the average tiny house at 859 square feet.

The first floor of the house features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area as well as a deck. You’ll find a loft foyer and another deck on the second floor.

The bottom floor spans 708 square feet, while the second floor offers 151 square feet of space.

The Ayfraym Tiny has an impressive 31 windows that allow in an abundance of natural light. The windows not only make the space feel bigger, but also:

  • Reduce the need for artificial light, helping you save on your energy costs
  • Help keep the home at a comfortable temperature
  • Marry the indoors with the outdoors

Plus, the outdoor decks provide plenty of space for entertaining without feeling cramped.

Can You Customize This Home?

Yes! The Ayfraym Tiny can be customized using the Everywhereco’s in-house team.

The company charges $3 per square foot for any square footage-based adjustments and $95 per item. They also have a minimum project cost of $995.


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The standard Ayfram home features vaulted ceilings, three walk-out decks and huge windows. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this home can comfortably accommodate a growing family.

The Ayfram spans three floors:

  • First floor: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and 2 decks
  • Second floor: bedroom, bathroom, loft foyer and deck
  • Loft area

In total, the home offers 1,483 square feet of living space, most of which is on the first floor.

Ayfraym Plus

ayfraym plus
Images © Everywhereco

The Ayfraym Plus is a larger version of the standard Ayfraym and also has an integrated 2-car garage. The Plus variation provides 2,359 square feet of living space and 45 windows.

  • Along with the two-car garage, the first floor also features a deck, two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and utility room.
  • The second floor features an additional bedroom and bathroom along with a deck and loft foyer.
  • The loft area provides additional space to use how you see fit.

For buyers who need more space, the Ayfraym Plus is a great option.

The Everywhereco Process

Building a home with Everywhereco is different from other companies. They give you more than just plans. They give you the tools to manage the entire build process.

At one time, the company sold home kits, but today, they only work with buyers who have qualified builders to bring their plans to life.

When you work with Everywhereco, you can create an account that lets you manage your build.

Here’s what the company has to offer:

Multiple Services

Everywhereco can help you:

  • Find land
  • Perform the engineering for your home
  • Customize your floor plan
  • Obtain bids from local builders
  • Monitor the construction

Integrated Chat

The built-in chat system allows you to connect with team members quickly and from anywhere.

Helpful Checklist

On your account dashboard, you’ll find a helpful checklist that includes everything you need to do to build your home. Check off each one as you move along to see how far you are in the process.

File and Document Organization

With your account, you can also organize files and documents associated with your build, including your construction drawings, property survey or whatever else you want to store.

Land Concierge Service

If you haven’t found the perfect piece of land for your build, Everywhereco can help. Their service can provide information on:

  • Grades and slops of property to find buildable lots
  • Floodplain data
  • Setback and roof height rules
  • Nearby utility connections
  • Excavation, clearing and earth work
  • Surveying
  • Due diligence on the land and seller
  • Septic permitting
  • Site planning
  • Topo mapping

There are three packages to choose from with this service:

  • 3 lots to choose from
  • 6 lots to choose from
  • 9 lots to choose from

Each package includes a phone consultation, coordinating meetings with real estate agents, a single-use build license and the starter plans for your chosen home.

Finding a suitable lot is one of the most complicated parts of building a home, but Everywhereco helps take the pain out of the process.

Simplifying the Home Building Process with Everywhereco

Everywhereco has really made the process of building a home less stressful and allows the buyer to take a more hands-on approach to the process. Their home plans are modern and refreshing. The Ayfraym house in particular is a great option for anyone looking to build a home because they offer three size options. The Tiny variation is excellent for those who want a smaller home but don’t want to downsize to just a few hundred square feet.

To order your Ayfarym Tiny House kit visit https://everywhereco.com/ayfraym-tiny/