The Aria Pod House Floor Plan by Pin Up Houses

Pod House Floor Plan by Pin Up Houses

The Aria Pod House is one of the top floor plans by Pin Up Houses. If you’re looking for a DIY build that will cost $23,000 or less to put together, Aria is an option to consider.

Who Are Pin Up Houses?

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Pin Up Houses is a well-known company offering house plans that are easy to follow and perfect for anyone who is considering a DIY build. The company’s designs have been featured on numerous sites, including:

  • Gizmodo
  • Reddit
  • Daily Mail
  • Inhabitat
  • Homedit
  • Many others

What Are Pod Homes?

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Before we take a look at the Aria Pod House and its distinctive features, it’s important to know what a pod house really is and how they differ from other structures. The definition of a “pod house” varies greatly from one source to another.

For some, a pod means a shared living room where you rent a bunk bed or even the loft area.

However, others will classify a pod home as an eco-friendly home that is built on-site and follows green principles. If you want a tiny home or a small home that you can construct on your own and place on your property for yourself or even as an ADU, the Aria pod is a great option.

Aria Pod House Review

Pin Up Houses offers a lot of tiny pod homes, but the Aria stands out with a beautiful plan that even includes a lot of additional perks. The Aria has a total floor area of 420 square feet.

Tiny House Pods Floor Plan Layout

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Aria has a first-floor layout with:

  • 41 sq. ft. bathroom
  • 161 sq. ft. main room
  • 41 sq. ft. sleeping corner
  • 108 sq. ft. porch

There’s also a small loft area that covers the back of the home, right above the bathroom and sleeping corner. With a total ceiling height of 11’8,” the space feels roomy and offers ample space for a lift.

Loft height is 3’3.”

When glancing up to the ceiling, beautiful, exposed beams provide a farmhouse feel, while the windows allow ample natural light to enter the space.

The entryway has ample room for a sitting area, and the kitchen space is situated perfectly near two exterior windows. You can enjoy watching animals or kids play outside or turn around and talk to your guests in the living room.

There are so many possibilities with the Aria pod house.

The design offers multiple windows and a four-panel wall of windows where you walk into the home. Place the Aria Pod on a large plot of land with views, and it will feel like a little oasis.

What’s Included with the Plans?

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All plans come with a detailed list of the materials that you’ll need for the project. You’ll also receive a list of tools to complete the job, so you’ll be able to ensure that you have everything you need to start and complete your build.

Building eBook

An eBook is provided with the plan, which provides you with an in-depth manual that allows you to be confident in your build. The eBook will walk you through the construction process and sets you up for success even with your first build.

Furniture Plans

Another nice addition to the Aria pod house plan is the furniture plans that the company offers. Furniture plans allow you to create all of your own furniture for the home to complete the DIY look.

Aria is the right choice for anyone that wants to create a tiny house and really get into the customization process. The roof is arched, adding to the strength of the home and also creating a unique pod home feel that owners will love.

The loft can be used for storage, but you also have the option of turning the loft into another sleeping quarter, which many people do to expand the living capacity of the Aria. 

Utility Information

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Pin Up Houses does include:

  • Basic wiring diagrams for electric
  • Diagrams for plumbing and sewer

Cost estimates include everything that you’ll need for the build, including fittings and other items, such as a toilet. However, material prices vary greatly depending on region or market conditions, so the estimates may be off due to the varying prices.

Pin Up Houses estimates that you can build this Aria pod house for as little as $23,000 if you do the work yourself. The plan provides easy-to-follow instructions and a few perks discussed previously, which will allow you to build your dream pod home.

If you run into any issues during your build, the company does offer free assistance and will answer all of your technical questions.

In the rare event that you cannot use the plans, you can invoke the warranty and return the plans. Additionally, the company can modify the plans to make them work for your unique build or site.

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