Steel Root Builders

Steel Root Builders

Building homes in the mountains of North Carolina can be challenging. The steep terrain and difficult conditions often lead to builders using techniques and processes that harm the environment. Steel Root Builders aims to take a different approach to building in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

The builder uses techniques and processes that minimize impact and are committed to sustainability. Their custom tiny home build is a testament to creating energy-efficient, modern homes that don’t compromise on modern comforts.

A Custom Tiny Home in West Asheville

Although not known as tiny home builders in NC, Steel Root Builders recently worked on a tiny home build (technically an ADU) in West Asheville. The project was featured on the YouTube channel Threadbanger.

The 400 square foot modern ADU was designed for use as a guest space and to serve as a studio when vacant.

The structure has a 12’x28’ footprint, which is ideal for the small lots of West Asheville. A 10’x21’ covered porch provides plenty of space for outdoor entertaining.

The tiny home features vaulted ceilings and a loft space that serves as a bedroom. The loft is accessible via a spiral staircase, and has enough room to fit a desk and queen-sized bed.

The interior also features a full kitchen and bathroom on the lower level. A spacious living area features four windows stacked vertically to maximize natural light. Sliding glass doors give you easy access to the outdoor covered patio.

The tiny home ADU is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Whether you’re looking to build a custom home or renovate your existing home, Steel Root Builders can help bring your vision to life. The builder serves Asheville, NC and surrounding areas.

Asheville Sustainable Home Builders

Steel Root Builders is one of the leading metal home builders in NC that focuses on sustainability. Based in Asheville, the award-winning company offers home renovations and commercial construction in addition to their custom home builds.

Homes from Steel Root Builders are made from metal and wood and built using sustainable techniques.

The company maintains sustainability by:

  • Using locally and regionally sourced vendors and materials.
  • Situating homes in ways that work with the mountainous terrain – not against it.
  • Using green pest and termite control treatments.
  • Using steel post and beam techniques in steep areas to minimize impact.
  • Using recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible.
  • Building airtight structures.
  • Using low or no VOC paints to preserve indoor air quality.
  • Incorporating geothermal heating/cooling and solar when possible.
  • Creating efficient designs that minimize waste.
  • Providing jobsite recycling.

Steel Root Builders is a member of the Asheville Home Builders Association and the Asheville Green Built Alliance.

The builder’s portfolio of custom residential homes is impressive, with farmhouse and mid-century modern influences seen across many projects.

Steel Root Build Process

At Steel Root Builders, the building process starts with a meeting to get to know each other. Then, important things will be discussed, like your budget, timeline, building standards and goals.

If you’re in the process of buying land, Steel Root Builders will meet with you onsite to help determine whether it’s feasible to build and consider factors that may impact your budget or the structural integrity of the home.

Once you have purchased your land and finalized the building plans, it’s time to break ground. Steel Root Builders uses a platform called Co-Construct for easy collaboration with team members.

The final step is to tour your finished home and go through a detailed walkthrough to ensure everything is up to standard.

Steel Root Builders will also answer any questions that you may have and review your home’s maintenance protocols.

If you are in the Asheville area, contact Steel Root Builders to get started on your dream build.