Clever Tiny Homes

Clever Tiny Homes

A California based builder that delivers nationwide. Exceptional attention to detail with high end finishes. All at a great price point.

Located just south of San Diego, a state-of-the-art factory spans 55,000 square feet in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, where these compact dwellings are constructed with precision and care. The manufacturing process utilizes materials predominantly sourced from the USA, including features like James Hardie siding and Rockwool insulation, chosen for their durability and environmental sustainability. Houses are built on custom-designed trailers from McArron Manufacturing, ensuring a sturdy and reliable foundation.

Compliance with stringent building codes and a commitment to quality are at the heart of the production process. Each home undergoes thorough inspections to meet or exceed the ANSI 119.5 standard, assuring that purchasers of these San Diego micro homes are investing in a dwelling that is safe, sustainable, and certified for peace of mind. The manufacturer’s dedication to the betterment of their employees, transparency with customers, and environmental consideration position them as a notable and responsible choice in the tiny home marketplace.

Company History

Clever Tiny Homes San Diego

Clever Tiny Homes represents a fusion of sustainable living, advanced design, and efficient manufacturing. Established by a team with diverse expertise, including Didi Zhao, a world-class designer, Jonathan Palley, an internet technology innovator, and Asa Feinstein, a sustainability consultant and tiny-home dweller, this family-operated company emerged as a creative response to modern housing challenges.

Design and Efficiency

Clever Tiny Homes has distinguished itself by concentrating on a single, optimally-designed product. Such focus permits unparalleled refinement of their tiny homes. For instance, considerable time was invested in perfecting the wastewater system for reliability and ecological performance. Strategically sourcing materials directly from manufacturers, they introduce cost-effective yet high-grade components like one-fifth of retail price flooring.

Quality and Value

Equipped with a custom-built Murphy bed and a 12-foot quartzite countertop, the company’s flagship 200-square-foot studio unit demonstrates how small spaces can be both luxurious and functional. It boasts of a sophisticated bathroom featuring a Kohler bathtub, capacious storage, and is resistant to diverse climates due to materials such as James Hardie siding and a Sheffield Metals standing-seam metal roof.

Accessibility and Customization

Available across North America and Hawaii, Clever Tiny Homes works diligently to secure competitive shipping rates for customers. Their units, certified as RVs by the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH), enjoy growing acceptance due to changing ordinances. Customization options for clients span from solar power systems to various appliances, although limited to preserve efficiency and affordability.

With an upcoming larger model and modular certifications on the horizon, Clever Tiny Homes is poised to expand its impact in the affordable housing sector. They demonstrate that through thoughtful design and strategic production, it is possible to deliver quality homes sans the traditional footprint or expense.

Clever Design Principles


The design principles of Clever Tiny Homes revolve around efficient use of space, integration of technology, and an emphasis on sustainability. These homes are crafted to meet the needs of modern, eco-conscious individuals seeking a compact yet comfortable living space.

#1 – Maximizing Space

Clever Tiny Homes illustrates the innovative use of multi-purpose furniture and custom storage solutions to optimize interior space. Pieces that transform, such as beds that double as sofas or tables that fold away when not in use, are essential to this approach. The utilization of vertical space with lofted areas for sleeping or storage further maximizes the living area.

#2 – Incorporating Technology

Smart home technology is seamlessly integrated into Clever Tiny Homes to enhance functionality and convenience. From automated lighting and climate control systems to space-saving, retractable appliances, technology is used to make tiny living both comfortable and contemporary.

#3 – Sustainability Features

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the design philosophy, with Clever Tiny Homes using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. The inclusion of features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems reflects a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of these homes.

#4 – Selecting Materials

Clever Tiny Homes sources high-quality materials that strike a balance between durability and cost-effectiveness. The company’s selection strategy focuses on materials that extend the longevity of their homes, such as robust insulation options and sustainable, lightweight framing. They prioritize materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also contribute to the structural integrity of their tiny homes.

#5 – Building Techniques

Attention to detail is evident in Clever Tiny Homes’ building techniques. They utilize a precise approach that streamlines construction without compromising on the end product. Techniques like advanced framing and state-of-the-art thermal systems contribute to a tiny home that is both efficient and beautiful. Their methodical building process allows for consistency and quality, as seen in each meticulously crafted home.

#6 – Utilities and Systems Installation

The installation of utilities and systems in Clever Tiny Homes is designed for optimal performance and self-sufficiency. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are installed with careful attention to accessibility and energy efficiency. The tiny homes often include features such as solar panels and high-efficiency appliances, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovative, self-sustaining living solutions.

Cost Analysis

Clever Tiny Homes offers a distinctive balance of affordability and quality in the tiny home market. Their price structure is designed to make tiny living both accessible and cost-effective.

Price Breakdown

Clever Tiny Homes maintains a single model philosophy which significantly reduces construction costs. The standard price for one of their homes is typically $64,995, with occasional promotions reducing the price to $54,995. This is possible due to the optimized manufacturing process that focuses on building one model to perfection.

  • Base Price: $64,995
  • Inclusions: High-quality materials, modern amenities
  • Exclusions: Land, foundation, delivery (varying costs)

Long-Term Savings

Investing in a Clever Tiny Home can lead to considerable long-term savings. Their homes are designed to be energy efficient, reducing ongoing utility costs. Additionally, the small footprint means lower property taxes, and maintenance costs are typically much less than those associated with traditional homes.

  • Energy Efficiency: Reduced utility bills
  • Maintenance: Lower long-term upkeep costs
  • Property Taxes: Decreased rates due to smaller size

By focusing on a high-quality product with consistent construction standards, customers receive a home that promises both immediate and long-term financial benefits.