Escape Tiny Homes

Escape Tiny Homes

Escape tiny homes has been designing and building tiny homes for more than 25 years. The company handcrafts their homes in their RVIA-inspected plant, located in Rice Lake, WI. But Escape Traveler offers more than just Wisconsin tiny homes. They service many other locations, with privately owned units in Miami, San Diego and even Hawaii.

Escape Traveler Models

What Makes Escape Tiny Houses Different?

Escape Traveler homes are designed to withstand extreme elements, including:

  • Extreme heat
  • Heavy snow
  • Extreme cold

Their homes have modern features, including:

  • Full kitchens
  • Panoramic windows
  • Large bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Washers and dryers
  • Climate control
  • Storage
  • Off-grid options
  • LED lighting

Escape delivers their trailerable tiny homes nationwide and uses their own trucks and factory reps.

Modern features and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions are just two of the many things that set Escape tiny home apart from the rest. Other advantages include:

Smart Design

Escape has designed and built their homes to be as simple as possible to erect and to be as energy efficient as possible.

All of Escape’s homes have a leveling system. As long as the site is relatively flat, their homes can be set up in minutes.

Of course, Escape’s homes are also designed to be moved. Because they are trailerable homes, you can take them with you on your adventures.

Energy Efficiency

Escape is committed to energy efficiency and eco-conscious construction. Their homes feature:

  • High R-value insulation
  • Sustainable wood
  • Thermopane, Low-e windows

Insulation plays an important role in energy efficiency. Escape uses a closed-cell foam that delivers a 7.4 R value per inch. It also helps create an airtight seal.

Escape homes can even go off-grid, although there are some limitations. For example, their homes can be connected to a solar power system, and you can also purchase Laveo-style composting toilets.

Financing Options

Buyers have the option of financing their purchase through Escape. Rates vary, but often average 5.9% with terms up to 20 years and a 10% down payment. Some highly qualified buyers may be approved for zero-down financing.

It is important to note that Escape does not offer financing options for residents of AK, HI and LA. However, those who live in these areas can seek their own financing through local banks or credit unions.

Custom Homes

Along with their flagship homes, Escape can also create custom tiny homes. These are homes that are designed to your exact specifications.

In some cases, Escape can customize a model to your needs. For example, if you want to omit items such as an interior door or lighting, the company may be able to make these changes without having to go the custom route.

Escape Tiny Home Models

Escape offers a few different home models, including:

Escape Traveler XL

Escape Traveler XL

Starts at $88,940

The Traveler XL has been rated the best overall tiny house. It offers 344 square feet of space (255 square feet on the first floor and 89 square feet in the loft area). The home weighs 11,000-13,000 pounds, depending on the options you choose.

The Traveler XL’s steel trailer features 7,000 lb. HD tandem axles, electric brakes, 10-ply radial tires, easy leveling jacks and more.

This tiny home offers the following:

  • A private bedroom with a queen bed, large storage cabinet, opening window, underbed storage, nightstand and more.
  • Bathroom with vanity, fiberglass tub/shower, exhaust fan, Toto toilet, LED lighting, large mirror, window and more.
  • Kitchen with stainless steel stove, maple cabinets, venting, fridge, sink and more.
  • LP water heater and furnace.
  • Maple composite flooring and solid wood bathroom door.
  • An upstairs loft area or storage attic.
  • A living room with recessed lighting, functional windows and storage options.

You can also choose from a number of optional upgrades, including:

  • Stone countertops
  • Electric fireplace
  • Ceiling fans
  • Keyless lock system

The Escape Traveler XL is a great option for large families that love to go on adventures together.

Vista Boho Tiny House

Vista Boho Tiny House

Starts at $48,288

The Vista Boho home offers 187 square feet of living space and weighs 8,500 pounds. It comes with a trailer that’s coated for rust resistance, a safety hitch and more.

Smartly designed, the Vista Boho has plenty of storage space above the bed and fold-down sofa. It also features a full bathroom with a functional window, and:

  • Full kitchen with solid butcher block fold-down table, maple cabinetry, under-counter fridge, butcher block counters, stainless steel sink, and custom shelving.
  • Bathroom with a single bowl sink, 36” shower, faucet, Toto toilet, LED lighting, hardware, exhaust fan, cabinet storage, mirror and more.
  • Living room with LED lighting, large windows, fold-flat couch, TV hook-up, USB outlets and more.
  • Bedroom with LED lighting, queen bed, bookshelf, functional window, USB outlet and underbed storage.
  • Interior storage, including a drawer stack, tall storage closet, under-couch drawers, bathroom storage and more.
  • Composite maple flooring and sealed pine walls from sustainably grown sources.
  • LP furnace and high-capacity water heater.

The exterior of the home features vertical T&G siding and custom aluminum trim. The metal roof is backed by a 40-year warranty.

EN1 Tiny House

EN1 Tiny House

Starting at $63,210

The One tiny home offers 276 square feet of living space, including a second floor, and a weight of 9,000 pounds. The home comes with a steel 7,000-lb. trailer with tandem axles, electric brakes, radial tires, easy-use leveling jacks and more.

The One home’s standard features include:

  • A living area with opening windows, LED lighting, and a staircase with storage. This space can also be used as a bedroom or dining area and office.
  • A bathroom with a 36” shower, designer sink, Toto toilet, LED lighting, exhaust fan, storage shelf, functional window and more.
  • A large loft with an easy-climb staircase, two opening windows and a panoramic end window.
  • Maple composite flooring and solid wood bathroom flooring.
  • Shou Sugi Ban style siding.
  • LP furnace and water heater.

Options (upgrades) include:

  • A small kitchen with a sink, fridge, butcher block top, cabinets, 2-burner cooktop and more.
  • Queen or twin beds.
  • Keyless lock systems.

These are just a few of the tiny homes offered by Escape Traveler. They offer options for most needs, including models that are larger or smaller.

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